Spring Collection 2024

Product Highlight

Bakuchi Cream & Oil


I am the creator of Coastside Creations along with my very talented daughters.  I have been an Esthetician for over 20 years and have always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by passion and making others smile.  I consistently customize unique skincare options for my clients, so stepping into the world of soaping, bath butters and bombs; felt like a natural next step.  My 15 & 17 year old girls fully embrace entrepreneurship, and all the aspects of hard work and dedication it takes, to be successful at making your dreams a reality.  They too love bath and body products, especially bath bombs and salts.  They are super helpers with packaging, labels and fragrance choices.  We hope you find our creations fun, heart warming and appealing to the senses.  From our hearts to yours!


Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, and supply leftover soap from manufacturers for the developing world. They have three objectives: Contribute a highly cost-effective hygiene product to improve health, significantly reduce the waste generated by industry, and provide livelihoods and free education to disadvantaged women with no other reliable source of income.