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Wax Melts

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If you are not a candle lover, you may still want your home to smell amazing without the worry of an active flame.  Then, wax melts are made for you.  If you aren't sure what these are let me explain...wax melts are used in a wax warmer.  You can find these devices online or stores like Target, etc.  They use electricity to warm up a plate where you place the wax melt and over time is slowly melts and gives off the scent like a candle without the fire.  You do need a wax melt warmer for these to work as they are specifically made for that purpose and do not contain a wick.

One wax melt will last 6-12 hours!


Wassail: A warm and inviting blend of oranges, lemons, apple cider, and cranberries.

Orange Cranberry SpiceTart and zesty, this scent is a warming blend of cranberries and orange zest.

Brown Sugar & Fig: An alluring blend of the finest brown sugar and California fig. This fragrance was inspired by the BBW® scent.

Christmas Cabin: A warm and inviting holiday blend of spicy cinnamon, bayberry and hints of orange zest.

Sugar Cookie RoyaleA mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter.


1 oz

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