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Whipped Soap Set of 3

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Think whipped soap with a twist!  This luxurious whipped bath butter bubbles and foams as you use it, and is perfect for hydrating and cleansing the body.  The sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant to help lift away dead dry skin, while avocado and almond oil seal in moisture.  

To use, scoop a small amount out using your fingertips or a small spoon, like the bamboo spoon included.  Work into palm of hands adding a small amount of water and watch as the soap begins to lather and foam.  Gently apply in circular motions all over the

Summer Fruit Set Scents:

WatermelonThe sweet, scent of fresh, juicy watermelon – it’s the ultimate summer refresher

PearberryA delightful, juicy blend of luscious pear, boysenberry, ripe raspberry and blackberry.

Strawberry PeachBubbly fizzy champagne undertones mixed with sweet strawberries, peaches, raspberries, orange and hints of coconut.

Tropical Set Scents:

Mango MangoThis tropical mango fragrance smells just like the real thing.

Mermaid DreamsThis fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.

Island EscapeIt's a blend of tamarind, mandarin, red currant, date, and coconut milk.


Glycerin, water, granulated sugar, sodium cocoyl isethionate (salt from coconut), disodium laurel sulfosuccinate (cleansing and conditioning agent), avocado oil, fragrance, preservative.

Weight:  4 oz. /each container (3 total containers)

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