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Fall Mini Candle Trio

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Experience the joy of fall with our limited edition Fall Mini Candle Trio! Enjoy Notes of crisp fall days, cozy nights, and the changing colors of the season. Light up your home with the delightful fragrances of this cozy trio - the perfect way to bring the magic of fall indoors!

Here are the 3 scents & vessels included:

Zen Vibe (matte white)

Herbaceous notes of thyme, coriander, cucumber and watery greens perfectly balanced with violet, rose and jasmine all above a dry down of light musk.

New York Nights (matte black)

Luxurious warmth from exotic black tea leaves and toasted fig capture your attention, followed by freshly ground nutmeg and neroli before ending on a perfect blend of sheer evening vanilla and tonka bean.

Cozy Cabin (matte cream)

Relax with the smooth aromas of leather-bound books in endless wood-carved isles, golden amber and spiced plum as they provide warmth and solitude in partnership with the lush plumeria and mandarin notes wafting through the air. 


2.5 oz X 3

Limited edtition ~ only available for the Fall Collection

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